Club Carnage was awesome!

The venue in Paisley was perfect, training in a hot club with limited space really does change the way you approach situations. The floor being sticky or slippery, the lighting and low visibility are usually the norm in a nightclub but it isn’t until the Krav Maga mindset is applied that you really start to think about how these impact violent or aggressive situations. This event promised to show us that and it delivered.

Pulling off clean self defence techniques in a nice air conditioned class is a good bit different than trying to do the same whilst completely surrounded by people, struggling to see who or what the threat is and l

osing your footing on a slippery floor. Fighting your way out of enclosed spaces while trying to protect a loved one or friend, escorting them to safety are just a few of the things we trained on the day.

Getting first hand experience of this sort of training is invaluable. Being on the floor surrounded by attackers, trying to protect yourself whilst getting attacked was one of my personal favorites. It all adds another level to the self defence training we do regularly at Tactical Defence Krav Maga. Not just physically but mentally, trying to overcome the natural freeze in the fight or flight response.

The Tactical Defence instructors were brilliant and professional, the whole day was well planned and you could tell by the quality of the presentation. Everyone who attended only made the day better with their effort and hard work.

A good day with good friends.