Alan Clark Expert Level 1

Alan has trained in martial arts since a very early age, previously training in Judo and Tae Kwon Do. He found Krav Maga 8 years ago and has been passionate about it ever since. He has been teaching Krav Maga for over 5 years now after successfully completing the IKMF Certified Instructors Course (CIC) in Scotland in 2010.


Phil Munro Expert Level 1

Phil started training in Krav Maga in Glasgow in 2009 after finding a book about it while on holiday in the USA. Despite nearly passing out in his first class and being unable to drive home immediately afterwards, the buzz and sense of satisfaction he got from his krav maga training kept him going back.


Douglas Shearer Expert Level 1

Douglas has trained in various martial arts over the years never sticking to one style as he never found one that had everything he was looking for. He finally found Krav Maga 7 years ago and was instantly hooked. He hasn’t stopped since and now trains in Krav Maga most days.


Neil Patrick Tracey Graduate Level 5

Neil began boxing at 21 years old and gained valuable experience and confidence from his time spent training in this.  At 28, he suffered a back injury and had to have a serious operation due to this. Instead of letting this hold him back, Neil decided to enroll on a HND course in Fitness, Health & Exercise at Forth Valley College and graduated with an overall “A” and distinction.


Stuart Silver Graduate Level 3

Sstuartsilvertuart starting training in Krav Maga about 5 years ago. Not being able to stick to a regular gym routine as he found it boring, he started looking at martial arts training as a way of keeping fit and losing weight. After finding some information about Krav Maga online and being impressed with some of the Krav demo videos he found on Youtube, he went along to his first class training under Alan Clark and was instantly hooked.


Brian Mulholland Graduate Level 2

Brian started training in Krav Maga around 3 years ago after training in Karate for over 10 years having reached 2nd dan black belt. Growing tired of the sporting element of traditional martial arts, he started looking for a system of self defence more relevant to real life and found that in Krav Maga.


“As a serious practitioner, you should be looking for the authentic, real, correct and valuable instructor and knowledge, remember that we are dealing with life and death situations. So get the real life-saving skills and enjoy the practice and the other benefits of belonging to a great community, improving your physical fitness and acquiring courage, focus and other mental skills.”


Eyal Yanilov

Head Instructor, Krav Maga Global