TDKM’s first P-Weekend

TDKM’s first P-Weekend was run by Rune Lind (Expert level 4) and Natasha Naccarato (Expert level 1) from the KMG instructor team. I had heard that Rune was a fantastic instructor and I’d previously met the kick-ass Natasha a few months ago in Israel so knew it’d be a great weekend.

We soon settled into day 1 with some team games before going through the basics of scanning. Scanning always gets brought up in class and gradings as something we don’t do often enough. This session was great to drill it into our heads and made it much more natural to continue scanning throughout the weekend.

Club Carnage was awesome!

The venue in Paisley was perfect, training in a hot club with limited space really does change the way you approach situations. The floor being sticky or slippery, the lighting and low visibility are usually the norm in a nightclub but it isn’t until the Krav Maga mindset is applied that you really start to think about how these impact violent or aggressive situations. This event promised to show us that and it delivered.