Stuart starting training in Krav Maga about 9 years ago. Not being able to stick to a regular gym routine as he found it boring, he started looking at martial arts training as a way of keeping fit and losing weight. After finding some information about Krav Maga online and being impressed with some of the Krav demo videos he found on Youtube, he went along to his first class training under Alan Clark and was instantly hooked. His fitness quickly improved and he started regularly training 3 – 5 days a week. The culmination of all his hard work was passing the KMG General Instructors Course in Scotland in April 2016. Stuart can now be seen regularly teaching and assisting in the TDKM classes. He currently holds the rank of Graduate Level 3. In his spare time he likes to supplement his Krav training with Thai boxing training and cooking up meals that would put Gordon Ramsay to shame!