At Tactical Defence Krav Maga you are well looked after by an experienced team of instructors who are extremely passionate about what they do. Classes are held in various locations throughout the week which is great as you can attend as many of the classes as you please!

Krav Maga isn’t only a great life skill to have, but also an extremely fun way to keep fit while learning self-defence techniques. No matter what level you are, whether you’re new to training or been training for a while, you’re never alone- all students train together at different levels, making it a great learning experience for all. The classes are always fun and insightful, and it’s a great way to meet and train with friendly like-minded people.

You also have a syllabus to work through at your own pace with the option to grade. Although grading isn’t mandatory I would always recommend it, it’s a great challenge and extremely rewarding- especially when you earn your certificate!

Everyone has their own reasons for training Krav Maga, for me it was the ideal opportunity to learn how to stay safe and really build up my confidence and fitness levels. The hardest part about starting is just walking through the front door of your first class.

I was so nervous about my first day I genuinely considered turning back and not going as I didn’t really knowing what to expect, but on arrival I was met by a group of friendly people of all ages and backgrounds who made me feel welcome and part of the group straight away. That was two years ago and I’m now currently training for Practitioner Level 4!

It’s amazing what you can achieve and how rewarding it is, after a couple of months training you really start to see the results. If you’re interested in learning how to keep yourself and others safe while getting fit and most importantly having fun then I’d recommend learning Krav Maga at TDKM.